Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle (2017)

So Sony decided to murder yet another childhood classic of mine… haha just joking but when I did hear they were bringing out a ‘new’ Jumanji I was very skeptical as I instantly saw ‘The Rock” and was like oh no…

HOWEVER I actually thought it was pretty good! So I went to the cinema at around 3pm to watch this with my colleague and I couldn’t believe how packed the cinema was! Although it was the more family viewing time and there were loads of younger kids there and I doubt they had seen the original but the parents probably had. Anyway so the way they had come up with the new concept was pretty clever, in order to fit in with modern day technologies, they had turned Jumanji into a playstation video game instead of a board game. They had adapted the characters, so instead of brother and sister, it was 5 young people all from different walks of life who ended up playing the game through the video game characters. Typical American film where you had the geeky, shy guy, the outgoing blonde, the football jock, the insecure girl and the outcast metalhead boy. However it’s always the best way to cast characters because audience members can relate to their personalities.

Onto what I thought was the funniest part of the film… Jack Black. He is such an amazing actor and in this film he was given a role that just worked so well. He played Bethany’s video game character however she picked a male character so Jack Black took on the role of a young girl who has the stereotypical persona of hating everything outdoors and is obsessed with her phone. I found a video which I’ll post below but it shows the character being played by two actors perfectly and Jack Black quotes “I know how to be a hot babe, I don’t know why, I just have that inside of me”ย ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚


My colleague and I were creasing at most of the film therefore it is a really well written script and even had a few adult innuendo references in there which the older audience understood but then I heard like 10 kids ask their parents “What? Why are you laughing” haha which made me laugh even more. Moving on, the cast in general was amazing, (but I had no idea that Nick Jonas was in it!!) or to say Sony had a very big budget on this film haha. Kevin Hart’s acting was superb and humorous remarks were made on his height and body shape compared to Dwayne Johnson’s! The soundtrack was enjoyable, especially when Martha’s character had to ‘dance fight’ as that was one of her strengths. I also liked how the story pretty much had a circular narrative, whereby the 5th member Alex had finally escaped the game and relived his lost 20 years. (That bit did confuse me at the end but after 5 minutes I got it) Oh and of course the special effects and CGI was incred also.

Obviously following the original film, the board game had many levels where loads of random things happened, whereas the film only had 3 levels I believe? So not as many crazy things happened in the 2017 film compared to the 1995 one. There was much more focus on the new characters and their abilities and not many random things happened, for example no lions/jungle animals in the house or astronauts in the basement whilst the house is floating in space surrounded by huge alien ships. The characters were actually living in the new game as new characters, where they had to help break a curse by restoring the jewel at the top of the mountain.

To conclude, I didn’t think they murdered the original, it was a good, funny remake with a modern twist on it and it caters for all audiences! If you haven’t seen it yet the definitely give it a watch!

IMDB rating – 7.2/10

1995 Jumanji IMDB rating – 6.9/10

My rating – 4/5*

Thanks for reading!! Feel free to like/comment and if you have seen it then let me know what you thought!:D

Erinย ๐ŸŒธ


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