Jigsaw (2017)


Apologies for being so inactive for a while, I’ve finally got around posting a review on this film after god knows how long, my motivation for this blog is going to be stronger this year I promise!!

So Jigsaw was probably one of the biggest hyped film releases gone 2017, I made a previous post about it a day before it’s official release here in the UK… so moving straight onto my thoughts…

Thumbs Up: Light Skin Tone on Apple iOS 11.2  Things I enjoyed about the film!

I mean the opening scene HAD to be good, and I thought it was! Incase no one has seen it here it is…

It obviously caught everyones attention real quick and hooked us all in because it was intense to watch. I liked how the film started with the game straight away and the whole narrative was more of a detective case, trying to figure out who is the mastermind behind this whole plot when the original mastermind John Kramer, died in Saw III. I did like the whole detective case plot however it was a bit obvious who was behind the whole plot, not sure whether it was the acting from Logan (Matt Passmore) or maybe the script was a bit too obvious? I don’t know but I found it a bit predictable. Moving on to the gore… oh there was so much. But I wasn’t expecting anything less, personally I prefer gory horrors than jump scare horrors so I enjoyed that. I also looked at it from a special effect makeup point of view and thought it was so clever and interesting. My favourite scene was when Eleanor took Logan to her ‘secret layer’ room where she collected all the Jigsaw inventions, haha that was my favourite part because I was thinking to myself in the cinema like holy crap that was someone’s job to come up with those machines and inventions for killing people/cutting people up. But also the whole room was just amazing, the production design was incredible and it really suited Eleanor’s character, however I think that’s where the film made the mistake because it was too obvious for Eleanor to be the mastermind behind it.  Oh and the other thing that was really gross but quite cool at the same time was the part when Detective Halloran (Callum Rennie) and Logan were supposedly playing a two man game with lasers… when Halloran’s whole head just divided into 5 segments and looked like a deceased octopus haha. That was good.

Thumbs Down: Light Skin Tone on Apple iOS 11.2

So moving on to things I didn’t really like; I just got so confused at the ending!!! I had to ask my boyfriend what was going on because I got confused because apparently the whole game had happened 10 years ago and Logan had planned a whole case around that game 10 years later… but I still didn’t really understand why!! But for me anyway I knew he had something to do with it from the middle so it was a bit anti climatic for me. I think the overall concept of the film was really clever and it must’ve taken ages to think about and plan but everything just unraveled at the end and it happened so fast I just got so confused. I’m sure there’s a video or website explaining the ending in full depth which I might have a read of because still to this day I’m a bit unsure!

But apart from that I did enjoy the film, it was a good watch and I think a good end to the whole Saw/Jigsaw sequel??! I was highly impressed with the production, as I mentioned earlier the production design/mise en scene was amazing along with the makeup and special effects. However the story was a bit predictable and the ending was anti climatic for me but the ‘game’ itself was very intense/gory and scary so thoroughly enjoyed that:)

IMDB rated it 6.1/10

I’d give it 3.5*/5


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