Whose excited for JIGSAW!

First of all… watch the trailer now if you haven’t seen it! (It looks insane!)

Secondly… Im so freaking excited! This film has risen under everyone’s noses and it looks sooo good. Being 18, people in my generation pretty much grew up with the saw films and having it’s own rollercoaster and horror maze in theme parks makes it a truly iconic film series for my demographic. Following the previous 7 Saw films that were made between 2004-2010, it’s an exciting feeling knowing that audiences were unaware the film industry would shock us all with a brand new spin off 7 years later!! It’s also nice to think that alot of time and effort went into the pre-production stages because they have to make it good to complete the Saw series!

It releases on the 26th October 2017, (tomorrow ahhh!) perfect timing for halloween🎃  And the best way to watch a horror is in the dark with all windows and doors open… (something my film lecturer said haha) However I would love to witness this film in a cinema because you immerse yourself into the story… but i’m the worst when it comes to jump scares and gore:/

Anyway I’ve found a few things online prior to the film release…

1 – A short film by Chris Capel (3 mins), it’s about a mini jigsaw who works in an office firm. It appeared on shortoftheweek.com and it’s actually really funny!


2 – I also found a makeup tutorial by Glam&Gore (also known as Mykie), I’ve been following Mykie since forever on Youtube and she is crazy talented when it comes to SFX and makeup tutorials! She did also collaborate with Jigsaw and Lionsgate on this video too 🙂


So enjoy it if you get the chance to see it! Fingers crossed it will live up to everyone’s expectations… I will definitely be back to write my review on it after I see it! So make sure you keep an eye out for that 😀



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