The Alibi – (2006)

Directed by Matt Checkowski.

Synopsis – Con man Ray Elliot decides to leave crime behind to start a company that sells fake alibis to clients who have been unfaithful to their significant others. It seems that the streetwise Ray has found his calling, until he unexpectedly becomes a murder suspect in a case involving one of his most influential customers. (IMDB)

I initially watched this film because I saw it had been given a rating of 9.0/10 on IMDB and thought wow this must be a really great film, however trusting a dodgy looking website maybe wasn’t the best idea.

However I really did enjoy the film; starting with what I liked about it, was the narrative of the film. It was a clever storyline that was executed highly and easily whilst keeping the comedic aspect alongside a romance story. The storyline might be seen as a bit conflictual considering it’s about a business which helps married men cheat on their wives, but the humour takes the seriousness away. I think Steve Coogan who played ‘Ray’ – the con man executed the role superbly. His calmness and sassy-ness really help the audience to enjoy his character because of his quirky traits and the fact that he doesn’t suit the job role that he has.

I also loved the relationship between Ray and Lola. They don’t stereotypically suit, however their bond is so unique and different due to the fact that they understand each other and know how work together. You learn to love them over time. You also feel like a proud mum at the end when they walk off together and Ray’s words to Lola are along the lines of ‘oh you are actually a bit taller than me’ haha.

The fast paced editing worked well against the narrative because it’s choppy and intense much like the business itself. There was also a lot of excessive sound effects such as gun shots, screeching car tyres and punches from the fight scene. The only bit I got a bit confused about was the role of the tall, olive skinned man who was executing people? He kind of came in randomly and I think the purpose of his character was to make the audience believe he was the young girls boyfriend? That’s what I thought, however you understand who he is right at the end of the film as it’s a bit of a twist. The ending was a little bit messy but I quite liked that because it links with story because Wendell created a messy situation that Ray had to fix.

On most websites I can see it’s been given a rating of around 3* out of 5, IMDB rated it 6.4/10 and rotten tomatoes gave it 57%. I personally would rate it around a high 3, maybe a low 4 just because I found it an easy watch, plus it’s not a mainstream film. I definitely took a risk to watch it because I find it sometimes hard to get into films where I assume I may not like it, however I would say it wasn’t a waste of time and it’s a funny film to watch if you’re bored or having a quiet night in 🙂

Sorry this was a bit of a rushed review and I watched this a few days ago so it may be a bit all over the place… plus I haven’t had much time to write this in more depth due to drowning in uni work!

Thanks for reading!



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