In a Heartbeat (2017)

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This is a newly released short animation film produced by Ringling college of Art and Design and I can say that it is an adorable movie with powerful messages.

Overview: One school boy has a crush on another but is too shy and afraid to confess and be upfront, so the power is left in the hands of his heartbeat.

I cant point out any negatives in this film, therefore it leaves me with only positive and happy things to say. This film capturing love from a homosexual perspective is brilliant. I personally believe that constructing the narrative around gay love is such an empowering move on acceptance towards being gay. It creates a whole new outlook on the subject and makes all audiences blind to the fact that the two main characters are boys. The storyline is the basic “I have a crush but am too shy to confess it” storyline which happens to everyone at all ages. I love the fact how the heartbeat coming to life is a spin on that storyline which gives a message that you cant control your heart. Other messages that are a part of this film is obviously that being gay is okay, and I think that’s really important to viewers who may be young and confused about what gender they’re attracted to. Not only enforces powerful messages to a young audience, but it can also have affects on elder generations who are experiencing changes in their life when it comes to feelings towards other genders. I also love how in a short space of 4 minutes, the film makers included lots of emotions; happy, sad, heartbreaking, humour. Which can normally be quite hard to engage those emotions with the audience in a short space of time. I think the music goes really well with the film, it matches the emotions and feelings of each stage in the film. I find that the differences in characters is also important to viewers who can relate on a level, one boy is ginger haired, the other brown haired.  This could imply that no matter what you look like, you still have the right and freedom to love whoever you want.

It was interesting to me as I followed my screening of this film, down to the comment section on youtube and there was a lot of mixed reviews and opinions. People were commenting that the film is ‘Gay propaganda’ and that it is encouraging young boys to be gay when they may not be. However, not all comments said this, most people had the common sense that being gay has been accepted for many years now and they looked past the homosexual element and focused on the macro part of the story.

There was also comments on how the film is only popular because it features two boys and I believe that that’s a factor to the popularity because of the fact that no one had properly produced a successful, heartwarming love story that includes two boys until now so they find it a bit difficult to adjust to, which causes spread via word of mouth and more conversation discussing the topic. However you see gay people in everyday life and are not bothered by it at all. Maybe it’s down to the fact that film and cinema can be watched by everyone who has access and how people aspire to have a film -like lifestyle therefore it will have a larger effect on people watching than walking past a gay couple in the supermarket.

Overall this film is a huge hit within the short film society and I’m happy that I came across it as it proves that nothing matters when you’re in love.

My rating: 5*

Rotten Tomatoes: 100%

Imdb: 8/10.


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