The Visit (2015)

Okay this film was really weird… but weirdly entertaining?…

Click me for Trailer:)

A brief synopsis:

Two siblings are sent to their grandparents house whilst their mother goes on a cruise with her boyfriend. They spend a week with them and the daughter Becca decided to film their trip as a documentary to try and help her mum rekindle things with her parents, however they’re disturbed by their unusual behaviour and they find out a shocking secret as their time comes to an end…

I would locate this film under the genres of comedy, thriller and horror. The beginning of the film was considerably normal and didn’t really give off any horror vibes… it started to get creepy about half way in.

Things I enjoyed about the film:

I liked the way the film was shot as a documentary, the use of point of view shots really emphasizes the reality of the film and engages the audience with Becca and Tyler’s visit. It also makes the audience feel part of the film, not just as a spectator. Secondly,when I stated that the creepy parts were weird, I don’t take that back, because all of the creepy things that happened were very different to your stereotypical horror/thriller movie dangers. It was actually very interesting, one night ‘Nana’ would just be vomiting whilst sleepwalking around the house, the next night she would be crawling along the floor talking rubbish to herself. These parts were actually very humorous I thought. I’m not sure whether that was the director’s intentions, however I actually liked it haha.

What was really creepy about the film:

A few scenes struck me such as when Tyler found a pile of used nappies by his ‘Pop Pop’ in the shed, and when ‘Nana’ appeared playing hide and seek with Becca and Tyler under the foundations of the house. Just all the creepy parts happened when the kids went to bed or after ‘9pm’. The only downside I felt was how long the film dragged out for, the suspense for the secret to be revealed was getting very tedious. But my god when the secret came out, it really was an unexpected one so I didn’t really mind waiting unlike the paranormal films (even though this film was produced by the producer of the paranormal films), this film was worth the wait. There were also a few jump scares in there which were from Becca or Tyler, which seemed accidental in the film but were obviously edited in to make the audience jump, and I didn’t appreciate that at all because I am the worst at Jump Scares phaha, I’m pathetic I know. There were also many times where the director teased the audience by including parts of a scene where you thought something bad or weird was going to happen then it didn’t… like the oven scene, when Nana asked Becca to clean inside the oven, but Nana wanted Becca to physically climb into the oven to clean it. I definitely had a moment of “oh god…” but nothing happened the first time, but the second time when Nana closed the oven door, really triggered me to think “right Nana is going to set Becca on fire 100%” but no… Becca asked Nana to open the door and she did. Very clever but so annoying!

To sum up this film, I would say it was “satisfyingly creepy” which is weird… but if you watch it then hopefully you’ll agree. The editing in this film is insane because of the handheld camera and the jump scares and the built up tension really helped this film to achieve it’s aims and intended meanings. I did like it because it was different and out of the box. It’s definitely a film that would stick in my head and it’s easily recognizable.

I give this film 4/5*



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