This Was Tomorrow (2015)

Following my amazing first experience at a music festival this year, I was inspired to watch this documentary film about the best music festival in the world which is considered to be Tomorrowland. It started 12 years ago as a small music festival in Brussels, Belgium and throughout the years it has grown into a festival which attracts people from all over the world to experience the amazing atmosphere of dance music from all different types of DJ’s.

What I loved about this documentary film is that it tells stories from different people who have their own personal experiences from Tomorrowland. A lady from Brazil who works in Santa Marta favela helps bring colour into the favela as a way of brightening up people’s lives and inspiring them to love art. Painting people’s homes and having wall art surrounding the area is something to admire as a creative aspect and she said that having Tomorrowland take place in Brazil for one year really showed the local community that if you have a passion for something then you can present it in many different art forms which is what I loved. I love the fact that these documentary programmes can inspire people to try different things and change the way people look and feel about stuff. It gives you an insight to the love and happiness behind the scenes and how it has a real impact on people’s lives.

Another story I loved is about a Belgium lady called Julie who attended the first Tomorrowland festival and has continued to go ever since. Tomorrowland has changed her life because she met her husband there and many friends from all around the world. I admire the fact people from all over the world attend this one festival and everyone who does attend accepts everyone and connects as an audience when listening to the music. I personally loved the feeling when I attended reading festival when you would be dancing and singing with your friends but then make eye contact with strangers but still have loads of fun and begin dancing with them because everyone is indulged with the music and thats all people care about. It’s one of the best feelings in the world in my opinion.

This was tomorrow opened my eyes to the DJ’s lives themselves and their journey on making it to the top by performing at Tomorrowland. From smaller artists to the bigger ones it doesn’t make a difference because everyone is enjoying themselves and listening to new music. What my favourite part about hearing the DJ’s talk about their performance is how much power and control they have over the audience by making them dance and unite. It looks incredible.

Another concept I love about watching this film is how they present the festival itself with the idealistic fairytale fantasy environment with vibrant props, actors and fireworks etc which makes the festival ten times more appealing and heavenly because everything looks magical therefore creates insane vibes when people go. The memories and photographs that people gain are ones that would never be forgotten as it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

By watching this documentary film it has opened up my mind towards festivals and how much of an impact they have on people’s lives and how fun they are. Films like these inspire and persuade people to get out their comfort zones and travel and experience new cultures, meet new people and learn new things. The music is even inspiring for people to create their own and maybe one day be performing on a This Was Tomorrow (2015)large-scale like Tomorrowland.

I can happily admit that one day I would like to experience the fantasy of Tomorrowland with people I love and enjoy the music to the fullest all thanks to this documentary film.


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