Why I’m starting this blog…?

My name is Erin Hobbs and I’m an 18year old girl who has a love for film, especially the post production side such as editing. I also love to watch films as many teenagers and adults do but also adore the creativity and work that goes into the process of making a film. The reason why I started to create this blog was to develop my film analysis and film knowledge by watching a variety of films from different genres, times and budgets. Also to review and share my opinions on the films that I decide to watch and how they differ to other reviews I’ve read. Furthermore I like to discuss the film concept and the theory behind the narrative and see whether there are any hidden meanings/intentions that the director had in mind through the process of filming. I also hope to develop my film language and English skills as I continue this blog so it’s more interesting and fun for any readers. I hope the films I chose to write about are interesting and worth the read so thank you for browsing my blog and if you do decide to read anything I post then I hope it’s at least half decent and feel free to leave me any feedback/comments because I would love to know and hopefully improve each blog post that I write.

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy my blog!

Feel free to comment on my posts as I would love to have feedback 🙂


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